Cranial Osteopathy in Durango, CO

What is it?

Osteopathic health care is the philosophy that the body has mechanisms and substances that, if given the opportunity, will establish balance and recreate health. Restrictions to the harmonious functioning of these processes can cause disease. By relieving these restrictions to proper motion, the body has the ability to restore harmonious function.

Osteopathic physicians and dentists are skilled in the use of their hands to diagnose and treat dysfunctions of the body. Manipulation of bones, soft tissues and fluids stimulate the body’s self-healing mechanisms to aid in the recovery or prevention of disease processes and to relieve pain.

How can it help you?

Techniques of Cranial Osteopathy are used whenever structural problems have a negative impact on health. Patients of all ages can be treated successfully.

Adults who have experienced serious medical problems or who have a history of severe injuries may not respond as well to treatment as a child or someone with less serious problems. It is important to remember that the younger the patient, the more resilient the tissues. Recent injuries respond more easily than those that are long standing. Patients must be evaluated individually because each patient is unique and will respond differently.

Physicians and dentists performing Cranial Osteopathy use gentle techniques, but some discomfort may occur when the therapy is focusing on a particular area of restriction. The discomfort will often subside as the treatment progresses.

Dr. Rothchild is one of only a few dentists in the country who prescribes, treats, and teaches this concept. As a member and former board member of the Cranial Academy, he continues to upgrade the skills and knowledge necessary to provide the finest care in the field of Cranial Osteopathy.