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Dear Dr. Rothchild & Great Staff:

It truly is an honor and privilege to be among those who have benefited from every one's expertise and friendly and professional dental care. The letter I received from your office today used the word "evolve" and I honestly believe that is an understatement. The polished team that now exists is "the best of the best of the best"' after years of growth and conquering various impediments to that growth. I congratulate all of you for your accomplishments!

I also noted in the letter the phrase, "cutting edge", well, you're on the cutting side and I'm on the edge side, so I hope you all refrain from getting "cutting edge" happy and do a little more "pain management" instead, ok?

Sincere congrats to everyone!...

Dr. Rothchild and Staff:

Many thanks to your for all your excellent and compassionate care for me. I was always treated with respect and concern in all my times with you. Thank you for being so supportive as I went through all my treatments.

I pray God's blessings to you all and that you may know ever more deeply The Love that causes our hearts to sing and brings us new life.

Warmest regards...

Dear Dr. Rothchild:

I am writing to express my thanks to you and your staff. I feel that the amalgam removal procedure played a major role in my recovery back to good health.

Just to give you a brief summary, I had experienced numbness on the left side of my body and double vision in my left eye. After several tests and visiting various specialists, it was determined that I had a 50% chance of having MS. The neurologist stated that further symptoms would have to appear before a complete diagnosis could be made. Through my own research, I came across several articles on mercury filling removal and the impact of vitamin therapy as well as good diet. That's when I had come to you for help. Four years later, my vision is back to normal and I have had no further symptoms. The combination of the mercury removal, good diet, and vitamin supplements were the key factors in my full recovery.


Dear Dr. Rothchild:

We would like to sincerely thank you for the last seven years of outstanding dental treatment and ortho treatment for ourselves and our two children.

Also, we both needed a lot of help after years of service in the military. You and your staff corrected so many of our problems, including replacing mercury fillings, crowns, cleaning (we will really miss Dawn), and preventative dentistry.

We will never forget what you and your staff have done for us and our children. Thank you for everything Dr. Rothchild!


Dear John:

I wanted to take a moment and thank you and your office staff for the great care you have given me during the past 5 months. It has been quite an experience for me. Thank you for all your support and patience. Please give a special thanks to Teresa for her support and caring.


Dear Dr. Rothchild:

I am writing to say thank you and to tell you how happy I am with the results achieved from removing my mercry fillings. For background, in 1994 I went to a traditional dentist to have work done on my teeth. At that time, it had been many years since I had had any; dental work done. I had many cavities and so I began a long process of dental treatment. Within about six months of the work beginning I began to get sores in the back of my; mouth and under my tongue. This problem came on gradually and so I did not make any connection to it and the dental work I was having done at the time. The Sores were like very painful cold sores. Sometimes I would have flare-ups where my mouth and tongue hurt so much it was painful to eat anything. My speech was also affected during these times because of the sores under my tongue. My dentist at the time diagnosed these sores as "lakin plantis" and said there was no cure. He didn't know why they had appeared either. At their worst he would prescri be antibiotics for me, but they never cured the problem, just kept it slightly under control. I was very bothered by this problem, and by being told I would just have to live with it. It's hard to even describe the pain I experienced daily. I had to avoid all foods with any acid, like citrus fruits, or tomato based products, I couldn't eat anything even the least bit spicy, or foods that had rough surfaces, like cereals. Other foods like cantaloupe, honeydew melon and bananas also burned my mouth. In fact, most things I ate hurt my mouth.

In addition, I couldn't even open my mouth fully because it hurt too much. I also had to have my wisdom teeth removed solely because the teeth were rubbing against the parts of my mouth that were the most sore and that caused great pain. Even with the wisdom teeth removed, I was still in a lot of pain, only I didn't have the wisdom teeth aggravating the sores.

To be offered no hope of a cure for this was extremely discouraging, as you can imagine. This problem was continuous for over 3 years. Then I began hearing about the problems caused by mercury fillings. Because I have had a lot of cavities my entire life, I've always had a lot of mercury fillings. I began to think back to when my mouth sores began, and realized it was shortly after having a lot of new dental work done. I asked my dentist about this, and if these fillings might be the source of the sores, but he did not agree at all. In fact, he made me feel a bit silly for asking. However, this did not convince me. I had met several people whose health had improved markedly upon the removal of mercury fillings, and I still thought this might be a possible cure for my own mouth sores.

In the summer of 1997, on a recommendation from a friend, I visited you for the first time. After a thorough examination and consultation, I decided it was worth the cost of mercury removal and filling replacement in hopes that this would reduce the pain I suffered from daily with these tongue and mouth sores. Anything was worth a try at that point because I was so discouraged and tired of being in pain every day.

During the Fall and Winter of 1997, and the Spring of 1998, you proceeded to remove all my mercury filings and replace them with non-metallic material. By last Spring, EVERY LAST ONE of my mouth and tongue sores were gone!!!!! This is truly a miracle!!! It has been a year since that time, and I have had no reoccurrence of any sores at all. I can open my mouth fully, I can eat any kind of food, and speech is normal at all times because I am no longer in any pain. I Must say that it still surprises me to this day when I eat something spicy and do not suffer from the extreme burning that used to accompany my eating even the blandest of foods. I can hardly believe this problem is cured, and I owe it all to your and your holistic approach to dentistry.

Thank you for returning my life to normal. Being in pain every day puts extra and unneeded stress on life, and now I am completely pain free. Thank you, thank you, thank you. In addition, I found you to be completely professional, caring and compassionate to your patients and our needs. Your office staff was always friendly and helpful, and when I had some dental emergencies, you always found time in your busy schedule to take care of these needs. I have and will continue to recommend your practice to others because of the high level of professionalism and expertise with which you practice dentistry.


Dear Dr. Rothchild:

I am writing this to inform you of the results experienced since my amalgam removal dating back to late 1991 into early 1992.

First, let me comment that the two visit actual procedure was done with efficiency and compassion. All involved were understanding responsive, and informative. Your cranial massage post-procedure was unexpected and very comforting. Thanks! I do feel that I am a healthier individual for having taken these "controversial" measures. I no longer manifest with low and high grade fevers, knee pain, frequent colds, burning tongue, occasional depression, yeast infections, and infertility issues.

One can, in these instances, never "prove" that this procedure of amalgam removal was the ensuing factor in a restored state of health. However, when one lives in a healthier state since this time of action, one must conclude that the rationale for performing this procedure has a definite validity.

Thank you for being the courageous and pioneering individual you are, seeing beyond the scope of controversy, and acting upon your beliefs and knowledge.

I now await the birth of my second child, both myself and child being in a healthy state, and often wonder had I not proceeded with "our" efforts, "what if...? I salute you and your staff. Thank you.

Dear Dr. Rothchild:

I am writing this letter to express my sincere gratitude for the exceptional care and professionalism you have extended to me during the three years that I have known you. You may recall that over three years ago I visited your office seeking relief from physical problems that I believed to be caused by mercury poisoning from my amalgam fillings. I had most of the classical symptoms of a toxic reaction to mercury; tingling sensation in the extremities, the inability to build endurance, heavy perspiration, reduced mental acuity, frequent indigestion, chronic fatigue, ringing in the ears, and heavy plaque formation that resulted in gum recession.

I came to your office after having done considerable research on the effects of mercury poisoning from amalgam fillings. During my research, I ran across the work of Dr. Hal Huggins and became a believer in his work. I wanted to follow the protocol he prescribed for the proper removal of amalgam fillings in order to increase the probability of a full recovery. I had visited several dentists in the greater Chicagoland area, and you were the only one who had the equipment and processed in place that gave you the capability to follow the procedures designed by Dr. Huggins. Your office had equipment in place to capture vaporized mercury, and you were able to perform blood tests to properly select a non-toxic composite filling that could serve as a substitute for my amalgam fillings. The technique you used for the removal of my amalgam fillings was exceptional; you allowed me to breathe oxygen from a tank, you used a dam during the procedure to prevent me from ingesting any loose amalgam material, and you measured the electrical current through each filling to determine the proper order of extraction.

I knew I had the right doctor when you mentioned to me that you wanted to replace my fillings "as soon as possible." At that time, I was thinking of delaying the procedure! But I think you sensed from my symptoms that something should be done quickly, and you were eager to help. I also felt that you sympathized with my physical problems, which, in my opinion, is a hallmark of an exceptional professional. From the time when I first met you to the time when my fillings were completely replaced must have been about two months. I consider that a very short time and a testament to the speed and efficiency of your work.

I consider myself fully recovered from mercury poisoning. I no longer experience the symptoms I cited earlier in this letter. Nonetheless, I am still coping with other health-related problems that I believe were precipitated by my long battle with mercury poisoning. These include elevated intraocular pressure in one eye and chronic headaches. Remarkably enough, last year you detected a propensity on my part to grind my teeth at night. You crafted a mouthpiece for me that I now use which has greatly reduced the frequency and severity of my headaches. Much to my amazement, this mouthpiece has given me much relief!

I want to thank you for everything you have done to make my life better. I hope that our association will continue for a long time. I have and will continue to spread the work of the great "miracles" performed by Dr. John Rothchild! God bless you!

Dear Dr. Rothchild:

It was a pleasure to read in the Schaumburg Review about your medical mission to Honduras . It is heartwarming to know someone in our community has been so generous with his time and talents to assist those less fortunate. I applaud your efforts.

Congratulations on a job well done!


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