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This website provides information about the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. It addresses the concerns involving dental amalgam restorations, the dangers of mercury exposure, and it's devastating effects on human health. IAOMT educates dentists and their staff on the proper removal of amalgam fillings and how to properly and safely dispose of the material. IAOMT promotes the health and well-being of the general population as well as educate them on the risks involved. Click on this link to find out more about IAOMT and their viewpoint regarding amalgam restorations.


CEREC (which stands for "CEramic REConstruction") has advanced the quality and efficiency of having crowns made for dental patients. The CEREC's advanced equipment produces outstanding results, and the production takes mere minutes to complete. Patients do not have to schedule to come back in order to have a permanent crown seated, and they do not have to deal with the hassle of a temporary crown in the meantime. These restorations are typically better fitting than ones sent out to labs to be manufactured and they are made out of a strong, quality ceramic material. Click on this link to find out more about this remarkable technology.

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