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Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dental Care at Rothchild General Dentistry

At Rothchild General Dentistry, our goal is to establish an early foundation of positive dental experiences and optimal oral health for you and your entire family. Through decades of dental education and holistic
health research, Dr. Rothchild has developed a philosophy of holistic dental care that not only optimizes the health of the teeth and mouth but also supports the entire body system. By incorporating advanced
dental care practices and holistic approaches in early childhood, we know that this can serve to reduce a host of health issues and diseases later in life. Establishing oral health awareness and positive habits
with your children now will not only improve their smile, it will set them up for improved overall health and increased immunity, both immediately and in the years to come.

Dr. Rothchild and the Rothchild General Dentistry team take great pride in providing gentle, individualized dental care to children of all ages in a caring, compassionate environment. We are committed to giving every infant, child, and adolescent exceptional treatment, and making each young person’s experience at the dentist’s office as pleasant, positive and comfortable as possible.

Our Pediatric Dental Services include:

Happy Visits" starting as early as 3 years old, to establish oral health awareness and positive habits

Hygiene appointments 2x year

Routine regular exams

Frenectomies for tongue & lips (aka "Tongue-tied")

Tooth-colored, mercury-free fillings

Orthodontic and growth development screenings

Extractions and removal of baby teeth

Space maintainers

Oral appliance therapy

Sleep disorder exams and breathing therapy 

Cardiopulmonary coupling (CPC) Sleep Test

Non-invasive procedures whenever possible (no drilling)

Special care for anxious children for a gentle and caring experience utilizing holistic supplements and

laughing gas if necessary

Fotona Laser pain-free treatments to remove decay, treat nerves and perform minor surgical procedures


Children’s root canals


Oral / dental health education and rewards for kids

We also have hospital privileges if the need arises for difficult and complicated procedures

The Rothchild Dentistry team makes a conscious effort to make your child feel welcome from the moment they enter the office. We are passionate about what we do to care for our practice’s kids, and it shows in the way we treat them. We want every young patient to feel like they are part of a caring dental practice family, from pre-school and primary school ages on to their teens and young adulthood.

Let us help you get your child on the path to proactive, successful oral health. Schedule your child’s next
appointment at Rothchild General Dentistry today!

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