colored glasses

Color Therapy Glasses and Your Visit

Over the last several years, many of our patients may have noticed that we use color therapy glasses in conjunction with your dental treatment.

The feedback we have received has been great in terms of how our patients are able to relax more through the use of color therapy.

There is indeed a science behind this adjunct therapy, but we also think the color therapy glasses are just plain fun!

Benefits of Color Therapy

Color also plays a major role in setting moods, emotions and states of mind. Think about how a beautiful blue sky or a sunrise or sunset makes you feel.

While color can be used to stimulate our behavior, color can also be used to create a sense of calm, which is demonstrated in the color choices in my office. Take A Virtual Tour

Did you know? The next time you have an appointment with us, you can wear our colored glasses if you haven’t experienced them already. You may be surprised at how they can support your sense of well-being during your visit!

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