At our office, we believe that whatever affects your mouth may affect your entire body. That includes your own levels of oral care as well as the treatments we perform or prescribe for you. Accordingly, the steps we take to ensure your overall oral health reflect these ideals.

We subscribe to a Biological/Natural approach to dentistry. We understand that not all dental materials are equal, as well as the fact that each patient’s immune system is different and may react differently to particular dental materials. Today’s patient is a discerning patient and is a health conscious patient and should no longer consider their dental materials solely on the factor of cost. Instead, the patient must understand and demand maximum safety, longevity, and predictability in their dental materials.

We also understand that the existing dental materials and restorations that you have in your mouth at present may be affecting your heath. We also take a long hard look at this in your assessment and will advise you accordingly. X-rays and clinical examination may not always reveal the actual picture. We have found a significantly high amount of decay under old crowns and silver fillings even though the x-rays or the clinical exam did not pick this up. We also have found a significantly high percentage of old mercury fillings under crowns that also cannot be picked up by x-rays or clinical evaluation. These fillings have a high corrosion factor due to dissimilar metals touching each other. (Have you ever wondered why the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco is constantly being repaired and repainted? It is because the bolts that hold the bridge together are a different metal alloy than the bridge itself. In fact if you look closely at any bridge around the nuts and bolts you will see corrosion and breakdown because of dissimilar metals touching each other).

We can assess your needs with prior history and further screening to determine which materials would be best suited to you. The need to assess individual suitability, safety, and bio-compatibility of restorative materials prior to placement has become an increasingly large issue.

We can offer testing to determine which dental materials may be best suited for you.