Three Springs

My Confession…

I Have A Confession To Make!

In a recent survey of dentists across the country, 36% of dentists hate their
profession. That’s about 50,000 dentists who hate their job! Some of the comments included:

  • “It’s not what I thought it would be”.
  • “The patients are a lot more demanding”.
  • “The insurance reimbursement is not as good as it used to be”.
  • “It’s not a nine to five job”.
  • “I hate the continuing education requirements”.

Well, I have a confession to make!

I love my job and my profession! For those of you who know my story (and I have told this to many people), I came out of retirement to practice here in Durango, CO. I did it for several reasons. Although I was teaching on the east coast 1-2 weekends a month, going back to my old a practice in Chicago one week a month and writing scientific papers for my profession, “retirement ” just wasn’t for me. I also saw that the Four Corners Area wanted and needed a dentist like me.

So I decided to set up a practice of dentistry the way I wanted it to be. The more I thought about it and planned it, the more excited I became. Then, it became a reality.

Living in Durango Makes Work More Like Vacation.

Yes, the hours can be long like 24/7/350. (24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 350 days a year). But I like those hours. Now you may think that I am a workaholic, but I do take time off for vacation, my wife, fun in the mountains, skiing, and my music.

But I contend that working here, in one of the most beautiful corners of the world, is like working and being on vacation at the same time!

The John A. Rothchild dental office is located in the beautiful Three Springs Area in Durango at 175 Mercado Street.