Kid playing

Oh, Those Little Critters!

I have been treating children since my early days in dental school and I love it!

Because of my early passion for children’s dentistry, I spent a lot of my time and energy working on kids.

Our office provides a wonderful experience for children and most treatments are quick, pain free and anxiety free . A little TLC goes along way with children and adults (who are big children).

Special Approach For Very Young Children

For a very young and anxious child, I have elected to join the hospital medical staff of Mercy Regional Medical Center, to address their fears in a fashion that is consistent with my holistic philosophy. General anesthesia is very safe with a Mercy anesthesiologist trained in general anesthesia for children. I would not perform a procedure in a hospital setting unless I was 100% sure that the doctors (and the hospital) were totally competent.

To discover the options available for your child’s specific dental needs contact Dr. John Rothchild to schedule an evaluation at: 970.382.7780.

What materials are being used for children that are holistic and safe?

The materials that I use on children and adults contain no metals (if I can absolutely help it) nor do they contain Bisphenol A (a compound found in plastics and dental materials that exerts hormone like properties, raising concerns about its presence in consumer product like plastics and foods).

How can you prepare your child for a positive experience?

The best thing a parent can do for their child’s first time in the chair is to come in with mom or dad and experience that it’s an easy and fun time! With the very young, we have them take a ride in the chair up and down. That’s it!

We want this to be a fun time and enjoy it with a favorite toy. Have the child bring in a stuffed animal or doll and we will ” clean” the animal or doll’s teeth first.

If your child is having a procedure, do not express any anxieties on the child. They pick up on this. Just don’t say anything. The best way to prepare your child is just say “we are going to Dr. Rothchild’s office”. My team and I will take care of the rest!

What can parents do to prevent serious decay in our children?

  1. Stay away from sugar products: candy, soda, sweet rolls, pies, sugar drinks, and sticky fruit roll ups.
  2. It is better to have them drink something with sugar than corn syrup or high fructose corn syrup.
  3. Make sure they brush their teeth and floss before going to bed.
  4. For the very young bottle drinkers (I am not talking about us bottle drinkers!), do not put them to bed with a bottle of fruit juice or milk. Milk contains lactose, a sugar, which will promote decay.

Why is my approach different?

My philosophy is based on holistic principals, so I do not use mercury or the metal crowns you see in children (they are stainless steel, which contains nickel, carcinogen).

We take x-rays only when needed.

I have also studied growth and development on children’s teeth and jaws for over 32 years. We can intercept a major orthodontic problem early, at times by just adjusting a couple areas on a few teeth. This saves the parent a lot of money and pain. Thirty-two years of experience on treating children says a lot.

Feel free to contact us at 970.382.7780 for additional information about your children’s dental health. Our goal is to help you make the most informed decision possible, and to empower you through education about your oral health and the best treatment choices available to you.

Healthy Regards,

John A. Rothchild, DDS