Dexis Digital Xrays

DEXIS Computerized Radiography ™

Our office takes full advantage of the latest computer technology with the DEXIS system, Instant Digital X-ray technology. DEXIS drastically reduces the patient’s radiation exposure, eliminates chemical waste, and saves valuable time. Using DEXIS, we are able to better service you with your health in mind.

The images that are taken are digitally processed to immediately come up on the monitor. The images are easy to look at, they can be enlarged to for an even closer look, allowing our dental staff to analyze the teeth for any decay or caries that may be present. Conventional x-rays are a thing of the past with this wonderful high-tech procedure.

We realize these benefits:

  1. Keep environment “green” by eliminating chemical waste.
  2. Signifcantly enhance our diagnostic and operational capability
  3. Significantly reduce patient and staff radiation exposures
  4. Save time and improve patient comfort.