Fotona Laser

Fotona Laser treatment is available at Holistic Dentistry Durango!

There are few things that have transformed dental care in recent years as much as laser technology. Lasers that have been designed specifically for dental and aesthetic use can be used for a broad variety of treatment purposes which include restorative, preventative and cosmetic dentistry. At Holistic Dentistry Durango, we have invested in providing to our patients the benefits of this innovative technology, and are now proud to offer the Fotona Laser System to deliver a safer, more precise and enhanced dental treatment experience.

Fotona is a leading manufacturer of lasers that are used in a wide variety of medical, dental, and cosmetic applications. The Fotona LightWalker® was the first dental laser to use Quantum Square Pulse (QSP) technology, which allows dentists to perform treatments with extreme precision and a high degree of performance. It is equipped with the fastest Erbium laser in the world, which means faster and safer care for patients.

Incredible precision The Fotona laser enables our dentists to make more precise incisions, thereby performing treatments with greater accuracy than traditional dental tools and scalpels

Reduced chance of infection Lasers sanitize the mouth and gum tissues as they treat them, which means that you are at a reduced risk of bacterial infection in the treated areas after your procedure

Minimized or no bleeding As they cut into oral tissues for specific procedures the Fotona laser system simultaneously cauterizes them, reducing and sometimes even eliminating bleeding

Faster, better recovery With laser dental treatment, patients typically heal more quickly and with less discomfort than traditional treatment methods

Our dentists can use the Fotona laser for a broad spectrum of dental treatments as well as aesthetic purposes

Fotona lasers are used to treat both the hard tissues in your mouth such as bones and teeth, and soft
tissues such as gums as well as tissues in your palate. Some of the laser-based dental treatments that
are now offered at Holistic Dentistry Durango include:

Gum disease treatment – Periodontal disease is incredibly common. With laser technology, we can
more effectively treat it with better results. Dental lasers help Holistic Dentistry Durango gently
perform deep cleanings, treatment of periodontal pockets, and more

Preparing teeth with cavities – When you have a cavity, the first step in prepping and treating your
tooth prior to filling it is to remove the decayed tissues. Traditional dental drills can cause discomfort
and sensory issues with the sounds and vibrations they create, but laser dentistry has none of these
sensations for a more comfortable experience

Other oral surgeries – For patients who need frenectomies or other types of oral surgery, laser dentistry
can be used—often without sutures!

Removing dental restorations and composite material – If you have old or loose dental restorations
that need to be replaced, laser dentistry can be used to quickly and effectively remove them instead of
the traditional methods of removal

Sleep apnea and snoring treatment – Our Fotona laser stimulates the production of collagen and
therefore creates a tightening effect in the tissues that it treats. When used in the oral mucosa, this can
help tighten the tissues in your mouth that typically contribute to sleep apnea and snoring

Tooth whitening – Using a combination of a whitening gel and a unique laser wavelength in the Fotona
system, Holistic Dentistry Durango can help you safely achieve a whiter and brighter smile rapidly,
without causing heat to build up and damage to the underlying structure of the teeth