Oral Cancer Screening

In addition to all of the services we provide here, we also have the equipment to do an oral cancer screening for our patients. To the naked eye, it is difficult to tell whether oral tissue is cancerous or not. With Velscope, we are able to see deep into the mucosal layers of the tissue with a harmless flourescent blue light to detect oral cancerous areas early before it is too late.

Performing this screening is non-invasive, painless to the patient, inexpensive, and a quick and easy procedure. This screening involves just minutes of time to determine if there are any areas of concern.

It just might save your life to have this done, since cancerous tissue may not visibly show up until it is too late and treatment is no longer effective.

Detecting Decay and Cracked Teeth Using the Brand New Technology of CariVu

Our practice uses this new technology to locate the minutest areas of tooth decay and cracks. This gives patients the opportunity to detect small areas and have them addressed before they become larger, more problematic areas that require longer, more complex, and more expensive procedures.

The procedure is completely harmless and the laser used is comparable to that of a laser pointer. This technology has been proven to detect 50% more tooth decay-related issues that go unnoticed through probing and other diagnostic methods.