Dear Dr. Rothchild:

I am writing this to inform you of the results experienced since my amalgam removal dating back to late 1991 into early 1992.

First, let me comment that the two visit actual procedure was done with efficiency and compassion. All involved were understanding responsive, and informative. Your cranial massage post-procedure was unexpected and very comforting. Thanks! I do feel that I am a healthier individual for having taken these “controversial” measures. I no longer manifest with low and high grade fevers, knee pain, frequent colds, burning tongue, occasional depression, yeast infections, and infertility issues.

One can, in these instances, never “prove” that this procedure of amalgam removal was the ensuing factor in a restored state of health. However, when one lives in a healthier state since this time of action, one must conclude that the rationale for performing this procedure has a definite validity.

Thank you for being the courageous and pioneering individual you are, seeing beyond the scope of controversy, and acting upon your beliefs and knowledge.

I now await the birth of my second child, both myself and child being in a healthy state, and often wonder had I not proceeded with “our” efforts, “what if…? I salute you and your staff. Thank you.